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How does
Nurse Staffing work?

There is a significant strain on every health care facility facing a staffing shortage. Nurse staffing agencies like WPA Nurse Staffing work with healthcare facilities to fill healthcare staffing gaps quickly. Time and resources spent interviewing and confirming the qualifications and documentation compliance of each candidate causes further strains on your remaining staff. Partnering with a nurse staffing agency relieves that stress.

Filling scheduling gaps is time consuming and can cause friction with your remaining employees. We have the solution. You call us with your staffing needs and open shifts and we assign the best matched talent to your operation. We work through all the necessary documentation and make sure they are ready to go.

What are the

You can rest easy that you are covered throughout the year so you can give your resident talent a break or rest. We will be there for those last minute staffing emergencies as we know how important it is to make your operation run well.

Relief for your Core Staff

Working with a nurse staffing agency minimizes the emotional and physical burnout that can seriously affect your regular staff.

Emergency Coverage

Employees need PTO and FMLA often with little or no notice. Having a nurse staffing partner gives you an immediate solution when unplanned for nursing shortages occur.

Increase Patient Safety

A gap in staffing often leads to medical errors, and decreases patient satisfaction when their needs aren’t being met.

We have you Covered

WPA ensures all of our temporary nursing staff have the necessary skills and documentation compliance to hit the ground running.

What makes WPA your Staffing Solution?

WPA is a small, physician-founded company that cares about each employee, and each healthcare facility we work with. We are on the ground working with nurses daily. This means we know how to hire nurses with the skills and qualifications that are needed to staff a successful healthcare facility. We take the time to carefully interview and screen all of our nurse staffing candidates to ensure they will be the best fit for you and your patients. Our quality, on demand staff helps to preserve your facility’s standard of patient care without compromising your bottom line.

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