5 Reasons Being a Travel Nurse is the Career Boost to Explore!

Looking for a lucrative way to build your nursing job resume? Travel nurse jobs are rewarding experiences that can set you up for future success. As a Travel RN, you have the chance to explore diverse work environments and cultures, as well as build your network and skill, set all while having schedule flexibility and great pay!

Diverse Clinical Settings

As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to work in different settings you may not have had the chance to explore. Always wanted to see what it was like to be a part of the surgical team, care for children in need, or see what working in the ER was really like? You can add to your clinical skill set by working in a different type of facility each time you hit the road without committing to the experience long term. You may discover a career path you never dreamt of along the way.

Cultural Exposure

Ever want to see the deserts of Arizona or the mountains of Colorado? By becoming a travel RN you can have experiences you never would have been able to have by staying close to home! Additionally, in moving around the country you will find yourself caring for a patient population that is unique to each region. This exposure can help you avoid implicit bias and improve your ability to care for every patient equally.

Build your Resume

What sets one candidate apart from another when seeking out the best nursing jobs? Often, it’s the set of skills they bring to the table. Like it or not, today’s healthcare is technology-driven. As a travel nurse you will have the chance to become proficient at a variety of EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems, allowing you to ease into any place of work. You’ll also build an impressive clinical skill set!


It is so hard to find a job that gives you the flexibility you need in today’s overstretched and understaffed health care field. Are you planning a wedding, have the desire to pursue another certification, or just want the chance to take a break when you need one? Being a travel RN allows you to take job placements for a set range of time (often 5-13 weeks) so you can live the life you want!


It is no secret that travel nurse jobs pay well! Often a travel nurse can expect up to double the hourly rate of standard nursing jobs.

Ready to look into RN travel jobs that are available now?

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